Services Include:

Fertilization and Weed Control (Weed&Feed) РThis service is priced based on the square footage of your property. We treat your lawn anywhere from 6 to 8 times a year. We offer a Synthetic Version Рa optimized Organic Version (partly organic/partly synthetic) Рand a Premium Organics Version.

Maintenance – This service is based on the square footage of your property. This way it eliminates the guess work out of bidding your job. We mow every week during the growing season. Mowing every week will in turn make your lawn healthier.

Beds & Trees РThis service is billed per man hour and includes 2 men on every job. We are constantly training how to trim bushes the correct way. We will most likely blow your mind on how things are REALLY suppose to be trimmed. We trim all types of bushes and ornamental trees.