Change your Life Forever!

Welcome All,

This is Well Fed Lawn Care. We believe in a new way of doing things when it comes to the lawn care industry. If you’re tired of not knowing who is working on your lawn, tired of people smoking on your lawn, tired of people not showing up, tired of people not calling you back, then give us a call.

We believe that lawn care is an actual business, not just a hobby. And it is our goal to address your lawn with absolute professionalism. We make it a habit of calling customers back, or wait.. how about we just answer the phone! Yea, that will work. We also wear uniforms, won’t smoke on your property, look and act professional, and change the direction we mow your lawn every week to avoid ruts. We also offer discounts and coupons!!!

We also structure our pricing based on the oil market. We know exactly where we live and know how things work around here. We want to keep your business and help you out. So if we have to take a little bit of a hit in the wallet then so be it. Our goal isn’t just to make money, but to have you confident in your lawn.

Thank you for coming on board with Well Fed and we look forward to serving you.

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